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3rd International Workshop on Intelligent Public Transport at IEEE ITSC 2017

Opening Session

  • Keynote: Jan-Dirk Schmöcker – “Future Public Transport Fare Structures: Behavioural and Social Impacts of IST”


Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems such as smart cards, or mobile phone based charging are allowing us to collect long-term data records of user behaviour. This information can be used to optimize a transport network including network structure and fares, though understanding and predicting demand elasticities remains a challenging topic. At the same time, new AFC technologies are not only a data source but also allow operators to introduce complex fare structures including spatial, temporal and user group distinguished charging. The talk will discuss some of these trends and possibilities, such as changes from flat or zonal to distance-based fares and price capping. Potential impacts for single travelers as well as specific parts of a hypothetical city will be discussed to illustrate that some cities understandably hesitate to use the full potential of now possible charging structures.

  • Daily Metro Origin-Destination Pattern Recognition Using Dimensionality Reduction and Clustering Methods (Chao Yang, Fenfan Yan, Xiandong Xu) PDF
  • Predicting the Next Trip of Individual Public Transportation Passengers (Zhan Zhao, Haris N. Koutsopoulos and Jinhua Zhao)
  • Short & Long Term Forecasting of Multimodal Transport Passenger Flows with Machine Learning Methods (Florian Toqué, Mostepha Khouadjia, Etienne Côme, Martin Trépanier and Latifa Oukhellou)PDF
  • Novel C-ITS Support for Electric Buses with Opportunity Charging (Marcin Seredynski and Francesco Viti) PDF
  • Adjusting Bus Timetables Considering Observed Delays and Passenger Numbers (Toshiyuki Nakamura, Jan-Dirk Schmöcker, Nobuhiro Uno, Takenori Iwamoto and Yusuke Watanabe) PDF
  • Fault Diagnosis Method of the On-board Equipment of Train Control System Based on Rough Set Theory (Wei ShangGuan, Junzheng Zhang, Juan Feng and Bai-gen Cai) PDF
  • Resiliency Assessment of Urban Rail Transit Networks: A Case Study of Shanghai Metro (Ming Li, Hongwei Wang and Huashen Wang) PDF
  • Using Mobile Phone Data Analysis for the Estimation of Daily Urban Dynamics (Danya Bachir, Vincent Gauthier, Mounim A El Yacoubi and Ghazaleh Khodabandelou) PDF
  • Simulation of Demand and Supply of Urban Rail in a Multimodal Environment (Kenneth Koh, Carlos Lima Azevedo, Kakali Basak and Moshe Ben-Akiva) PDF
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