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 +Amazon is costumer centered...but most of the users do not know the full extension of the Amazon services. For example, they do not know that they are able to sell their on items as a non professional seller (like it is done in ebay). There are tons of friends of mine that buy new books on amazon and then sell them in Ebay...this does not make sense!
 +This market is in expansion in Southern Europe due to the huge finantial crisis going on right now.
 +Solution? A portal for you to sell your things...something like the AmazonServices but for individual users where I can sell the stuff I want at the price I want to. The language is crucial...Portuguese,​ Brazilian and Spanish in the top of the list..and that's it! And make it can be to sell it internationally or just to my neighbor...send by mail or personally.
 +I think you will attract to Amazon new e-commerce users. And that's my 10 cents to the company right now...from my experience and background.
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