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2nd International Workshop on Intelligent Public Transports

Towards the Next Generation of Urban Mobility

Organizers: Luis Moreira-Matias, Oded Cats and Daqing Zhang

Thank you all the participants and contributors for making of this edition a tremendous success. We hope to see you all next year, in Japan.

Workshop Program

9:00-9:05 Opening Session, Luis Moreira-Matias and Oded Cats

09:05-10:40 SESSION I – Behavior Modelling

  • 09:05-09:50 '*Keynote*' “ Use of smartcard data to improve our knowledge of travel behavior: applications to the case of Santiago, Chile”, Marcela Munizaga (Chile) O Presentation PDF
  • 09:50-10:15 “Normative optimal strategies: a new approach in advanced transit trip planning”; Agostino Nuzzolo*, Antonio Comi (Italy) Presentation PDF
  • 10:15-10:40 “Mobility characterization for user recognition in public transportation”; Catalina Espinoza, (Chile) O Presentation PDF
  • '10:40-11:00 [BREAK] Coffee break'

11:00-12:15 SESSION II – New Technologies in Transport

11:00-11:25 Towards Integrating Electric Buses in Conventional Bus Fleets; Diogo Santos, Zafeiris Kokkinogenis*, Jorge Freire de Sousa, Deborah Perrotta, Rosaldo Rossetti (Portugal) Presentation PDF

  • 11:25-11:50 “Partial Speed Trajectory Optimization for Urban Rail Vehicles with Considerations on Motor Efficiency”; Shaofeng Lu*, Jie Yang, Fei Xue, Tiew On Ting (China) [NOSHOW]
  • 11:50-12:15 “Real-Time Bus Holding Control on a Transit Corridor Based on Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning”; Weiya Chen*, Chunxiao Chen (China) Presentation PDF
  • '12:15-14:00 [BREAK] Lunch'

14:00-15:35 SESSION III – Transit Planning

  • 14:00-14.45 '*Keynote*' “Route choice in public transport networks: choice set generation and route choice models”, Shlomo Beklor (Israel) Presentation PDF
  • 14:45-15:10 “Challenging user interaction in public transportation Spider Maps: a Cobweb solution for the city of Porto”; Francisco Maciel, Teresa Galvao (Portugal) Presentation PDF
  • 15:10-15:35 “A Frequency Based Transit Assignment Model That Considers Online Information at the Boarding Stop”; Nurit Oliker, Shlomo Bekhor (Israel) Presentation PDF
  • '15:35-16:00[BREAK] Coffee Break'

16:00-17:40 SESSION IV – Predictive Analytics and Optimization

  • 16:00-16:35 “Mining Taxi Data for Describing City in the Context of Mobility, Sociality, and Environment: Lessons Learned”; Marco Veloso, Santi Phithakkitnukoon, Carlos Bento (Portugal) Presentation PDF
  • 16:25-16:50 “A Multi-Level Clustering Approach for Forecasting Taxi Travel Demand”; Neema Davis*, Gaurav Raina, Krishna Jagannathan (India) Presentation PDF
  • 16:50-17:15 “Exploring Pedestrian Bluetooth and WiFi Detection at Public Transportation Terminals”; Neveen Shlayan, Abdullah Kurkcu, Kaan Ozbay (USA)Presentation PDF
  • 17:15-17:40 “A solution to the road network design problem for multimodal flow ”; Asadi Bagloee Saeed*, Majid Sarvi, Rajabifard Abbas, Thompson Russell (Australia) Presentation PDF

17:40 -17:45 Closing Session

O - Oral presentation (no paper in the proceedings)

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