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My name is Luis Moreira-Matias and I have a MsC in Software Engineering and a Phd in Machine Learning from U. Porto since 2009 and 2015, respectively.

After ~4 years(2014-2018) leading AI-based research lines at NEC Research Labs (Heidelberg, Germany), I am Head of Data Science at Kreditech (Hamburg, Germany) since 2018 - where I work on applications for Consumer Loan business, namely, credit scoring, pricing and customer affordability.

My main interests are: Supervised Learning (Classification, Regression, Time Series Analysis), Adaptive Learning systems (to learn from non stationary distributions) and Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) - i.e., to learn how to develop different ML pipelines tailored to different projects/verticals/datasets on a fully automatic fashion. On the application side, I have a strong interest on Financial Services (2 yrs. exp.), followed by Transportation (9 yrs. exp.) and Retail.

Together with the amazing collaborators that I had the opportunity to work with in my professional career, I've developed prototypes over my own novel learning frameworks using mainly R. Occasionally, I also use Python/C/C++. For additional information, please check my CV.

Thank you for visiting my personal homepage!

Contacts: luis.moreira.matias[at] .::. (+49) 152 52902933

Latest Updates

20/07/2019 - I am #keynoteSpeaker of It Arena 2019! Stay tuned to know more!!

12/07/2019 - I just got a paper accepted on IEEE T-ITS about Trajectory Prediction!!!

08/07/2019 - My ex-student, Amal Saadallah is among the finalists of DatSci Awards 2019!!!

20/06/2019 - I just got a paper accepted on ECML/PKDD 2019 about Reject Inference in Credit Scoring!!!

26/04/2019 - I just got invited to give a keynote about Kreditech's latest Data Science R&D topics at LIAAD, INESC TEC, next 02/05/2019 (15:00)!!!

02/04/2019 - I just got invited to be part of the Program Committee of ECML/PKDD 2019!!!

06/03/2019 - I just got invited to be part of the Program Committee of IEEE ITSC 2019!!!

27/02/2019 - I just got invited to give a keynote about the current status of Data Science in Industry at Meetup.AI @ Hamburg, next 06/03/2019!!!

05/02/2019 - Just got a Patent granted on a AI-based system for predictive dispatching in autonomous on-demand transport services. Check it out here!!!

29/01/2019 - I just got invited to be editor of a Special Issue on the Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing - on mining location-based data!!!

23/01/2019 - I just got a paper accepted at IEEE ICDE 2019 - a poster version of my recent paper on IEEE TKDE Check it out!!!

18/12/2018 - I just got interviewed by IEEE Spectrum - about my most recent work. Check it out!!!

20/11/2018 - I just got a paper accepted at IEEE TKDE - the top data mining venue worldwide alongside KDD - about predicting passenger demand from GPS-based data streams. Check it out!!!

12/11/2018 - I just got a Special Issue published at IEEE T-ITS about Knowledge Discovery from Mobility Data. Check it out!!!

13/08/2018 - I just got a paper accepted at IEEE T-ITS about automatic evaluation of Floating Car Data Quality. Check it out!!!

08/08/2018 - I just got a paper accepted at IEEE T-ASE about Data-driven Shared Subway Shuttle Bus Route Planning. Check it out!!!

01/08/2018 - I just joined Kreditech as Head of Data Science!!!

18/07/2018 - I just got a paper accepted for publication on IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems!!! on learning from incomplete and unreliable traffic flow data. Check it out!!!

22/06/2018 - I am now invited reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems!!!

21/06/2018 - I just got invited to be part of the Program Committee of AAAI 2019!!!

15/06/2018 - Our paper entitled “MetaBags: Bagged Meta-Decision Trees for Regression” just got accepted to be presented at ECML/PKDD 2018. Check it out here!!!

11/06/2018 - I am now invited reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems!!!

28/05/2018 - My ex-student Sourabh Parkala just successfully defended his Msc Thesis entitled "Ranking Feature Importance Through Representation Hierarchies" at TU Kaiserlautern!!!

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