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1st International Workshop on Intelligent Public Transports

Towards the Next Generation of Urban Mobility


Nowadays, everything is being built up taking advantage in sensor’s data (e.g.: bridges, computers, houses, vehicles). The Public Transport is not an exception. By being highly dependent on the dynamics of the human behavior (both drivers and passengers), it is intrinsically connected to the data derived from them as well. In the past, this was completely unrealistic. The Data Miners worked closed on their labs with their impractical Machine Learning algorithms - as there was no large-scale data to apply them. On the other hand, the Civil Engineers aimed to model such dynamics assuming theoretical levels of stochasticity and/or optimistic scenarios. Such models comprise a fair but still inaccurate approach to such dynamic behavior. Today’s reality increased dramatically the availability of the mobility-based data by the multiple social infrastructures that already use intelligent sensors and real-time communicational frameworks (e.g. 3G).

The availability of these type of data (e.g. smartphones, traffic light sensors, APC/AVL, fare-based, etc.) on a large- scale changed the way that both Civil and Computer Scientists faced the problematics around Public Transportation. It enables a whole new bunch of possibilities which are still far by being fully explored. On the other hand, it also brings novel issues regarding each individual’s and/or company’s privacy that are worthy to be discussed and analyzed. Where are we going? Where do we want to go? Which are the current trends? How can we explore these data to improve the Public Transportation? Which can be done to improve the bus transfers coordination? How about the taxi dispatching? Preventive Maintenance? The Planning and The Control of Public Transportation in general?


These problematics are addressed by this workshop’s scope. It includes (but is not limited to):

  • Public transportation planning and management (route definition, schedule planning, duties definition and/or assignment) using Big Data;
  • Intelligent and real-time public transport control and operational management (bus bunching, transfer coordination, corrective actions);
  • Mobility-based data analytics and machine learning applications;
  • Different modes of public transport and their interactions (road, rail, air and water-based); * Artificial public transportation systems and simulation; * Trajectory mining and related applications; * Data-driven preventive maintenance policies; * Distributed and ubiquitous public transport technologies and policies; * Travel demand analysis and prediction; * Advanced traveler information systems using homogeneous/heterogeneous data sources; * Intelligent mobility models and policies for urban environments; * Smart architectures for vehicle-to-vehicle/vehicle-to-infrastructure communications; * Agent-based models of public transport systems; * Complex network theory applications in public transport;
  • Automatic assessment and/or evaluation on the public transport reliability (planning, control and other related policies);

The researchers/engineers on related topics are encouraged to participate and take advantage of this opportunity to exchange ideas and/or to share their R&D findings/experiences. This first edition will serve to enforce solid bonds on this growing research community in order to establish solid ground for further editions. We want to highlight that ALL THE PAPERS accepted for this workshop will be published in the IEEE XPLORE ( ==== Important Dates ==== Here we have the Important Dates: Paper submissions DEADLINE: May 15, 2015 Notification of acceptance: June 15, 2015 Final paper submission deadline : July 1, 2015 Workshop dates: September 15, 2015 ==== Submission Details ==== You may find a quick guide on how to submit your paper here: Anyhow, you can submit directly your workshop paper using our submission platform ( using the Workshops and Special Session Track (Workshop Code: WS1). ==== Confirmed Presenting Venues ==== * IEEE ITSC 2015 - IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems ==== Workshop Overview ==== The first edition of the workshop was a success. In 2015, the workshop took place at September 15, 2015 in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Spain. Seven interesting presentation kept a full room audience over interesting discussions. You can check our schedule here or remind a bit of our workshop with the below pictures.

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